Concrete Pump Operator

Job Title: Concrete Pump Operator
NOC: 73100

Secondary School is mandatory, and any Diploma, Degree or Trade certificates are advantages.

Min 3 years of experience

CAD $54,000 – $64,000 per year ($31 per hour)

Transitional Work Permit to Permanent Resident VISA
Skilled Category (You may bring your family even under the work permit. Spouse can apply for an
open work permit and kids can apply to local schools. Health care is free for the whole family)

50% and above Average

6 Positions Available


• Drive between multiple job sites each day to pump concrete needed for construction projects
• Check formwork, granular base and steel reinforcement materials and direct placement of concrete into forms or onto surfaces according to grade
• Fill hollows and remove high spots to smooth freshly poured concrete
• Operate power vibrator to compact concrete
• Level top surface of concrete according to grade and depth specifications using straightedge or float
• Impart desired finish to concrete surfaces using hand and power tools
• Install anchor bolts, steel plates, door sills and other fixtures in freshly poured concrete
• Apply hardening and sealing compounds to cure surface of concrete
• Waterproof, damp-proof and restore concrete surfaces
• Repair, resurface and replace worn or damaged sections of floors, walls, roads and other concrete structures.


Mandatory experience as a Concrete Pump Operator/Driver • Must obtain a class 3 licence upon arrival in Canada to drive a minimum 3 axle – 6 axle truck equipped with concrete pumping equipment and a concrete boom. • Once they drive to a construction site, they must set up the equipment safely at each construction job site, directing the boom to the areas that the concrete is required and control concrete output from the end of the boom • Safe operation of the machinery and routine maintenance of the equipment

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