Field Combustion /Engine/Boiler Technician

Job Title: Field Combustion/Boiler Technician
Location: Canada
NOC: 7253

High school level (Secondary school) is mandatory, and any diploma, degree, or trade certificates are advantages

Min 8 – 10 years of experience

CAD $65,000 – $75,000 per year ($31.25 per hour)

Transitional Work Permit to Permanent Resident VISA

50% and above Average

10 Positions Available


• Study drawings and specifications to determine the layout of the installation and materials required
• Measure and mark reference points for installation of gas lines and equipment
• Install and maintain gas meters and regulators and gas lines between gas unit and gas meter
• Install, maintain and service gas heating units and their components, such as burners, valves and automatic controls
• Test and replace defective equipment or components
• Test and adjust control mechanisms and check pipes and piping connections for gas leaks using gas detecting devices
• Attend to gas escape calls and assist in the investigation of gas fires and explosions
• Prepare reports on work performed and condition of facilities
• Advise clients regarding standards, safety features and maintenance of gas units and systems
• Convert motor vehicles or appliances to use natural gas fuels
• May repair and service gas appliances and related equipment.


• 8-10 years of professional experience
• To install, commission, maintain, and troubleshoot commercial, institutional or industrial combustion process equipment and/or all types of boilers
• Carry out the checks provided for in the maintenance program: condition of devices (boiler, furnaces, etc.), burner, combustion analysis, piping, pumps, networks, etc.
• Be able to operate: combustion and/or micro-modulation controller, BMS, FARC.
• Knowledge of PLC application, implementation and programming experience electrical and process troubleshooting
• Experience in Install and commission the various (Natural Gas & Propane) burners installed in as oil heater, asphalt dyer, blood dryer, thermal oxidizer, preheaters, draw pan, boilers, Bone dryer, kiln Burner, Ovens.
• Experience in Install and commission main & pilot fuel valve train and its components such as pressure regulator, pressure switch, flow switch, primary and secondary blocking valve, vent & bleed valve, flow control valve, flow meter, zero governor regulator, servo valve, strainer etc.
• Experience with Install and commission burners parts like flame scanner, igniter, venturi, orifices, burner tips, air swirler etc.
• Experience in completing/reading P&ID and electrical schematic
• Professional Qualification Cards in gas, oil, and electricity (compulsory): TAG1, Site Safety.
• Professional Qualification Cards in gas, oil, and electricity (an asset): Heating, Plumbing and oil combustion; ITG; RCA; TSSA – G1; TSSA – OBT1.
• Completed studies in one or more fields such as: Controls, Plumbing, Heating, Controlautomation, Electromechanics.
• Familiarity with Canadian Gas Codes – gas or electrical ticket is an asset
• Good verbal and written communication skills in English; knowledge in French or be willing to learn French
• High school level (Secondary school) is mandatory, and any diploma, degree, or trade certificates are advantages
• International Driver’s License is mandatory (willing to convert to Canadian one upon arrival)

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