Location: Ontario, Canada
NOC: 73400

High school level (Secondary school)
Any Diploma, degree or Trade certificates are added advantages.

Min 3 years of experience

CAD $62,000 – $72,000 per year ($30.10 per hour depending on experience)

Transitional Work Permit to Permanent Resident VISA

50% and above Average

3 Positions Available


• Operate heavy equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, loaders, and graders to excavate, move, load and grade earth, rock, gravel or other materials during construction and related activities
• Operate heavy equipment with pile driver head to drive piling into earth to provide support for buildings, or other structures
• Operate heavy paving and surfacing equipment to lay, spread or compact concrete, asphalt and other surface materials during highway and road construction
• Operate heavy equipment to move, load and unload cargo
• Conduct pre-operational checks on equipment and clean, lubricate and refill equipment.
• Site stripping
• Installing residential private sanitary, storm, and water services
• Operating 25-ton excavator to strip site, install driveways, and excavate foundation
• Experience operating roto tilt bucket is an asset but not required
• Co-ordination of trucking to haul away excavated material
• Installing storm service on foundation
• Installing rear yard drains
• Installing electrical trenches
• Backfilling foundations
• Site grading


• Must have 3 years’ experience in residential excavation
• Must have experience in operating equipment’s such as John Deere 245G excavator, Hitachi 200 excavator, Roto tilt buckets, John Deere 50G mini excavator, Cat D4 Bulldozer, and John Deere 333 track loader
• Must know how to read and interpret blueprints and grade sheets
• Must have a valid Driver’s License
• Must be able to supply their own tools and safety clothes/boots
• Good verbal and written communication skills
• High school level (Secondary school) any diploma, degree, or trade certificates are advantages

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