Job Search Support and Branding


MK Migration's Job Search Support and Branding (JSB) is under Employer Sponsorship Program (ESP) which is an immigration, job search training using our company branding, and certifications or Licensing training program for those who are interested in immigrating to Australia, Canada, or New Zealand under the Work Permit (WP) to Permanent Resident (PR) path. In this program, we provide unlimited international English training, unlimited Skilled Trade Certifications, Skilled license or Skilled certification using an exchange program that means converting your certifications and visa applications. If an applicant is successful, they will receive Skills and Educational Assessment, Skills Certificates or licenses, English Certificates such as IELTS, PTE or CELPIP. All successful candidates in this program will also gain either a WP to PR or a PR in some cases. Through this pathway, you can bring your whole family to Australia, Canada, or New Zealand to enjoy a new lifestyle with your spouse who can also support your income by working in the skilled occupations. Additionally, education is free for all children and medical cost is covered by the Government, even for those on Work Permits and Permanent Resident.

Our JBS members can support themselves with Job Search with the support and training of our company and branding to reach out more employers and arrange one-to-one basis interviews wherein the candidates work for themselves to find the employer leads from digital tools which will be taught by our team. Our overseas business development and immigration team will help in legal advice, documentation, clarifying the employer’s doubts & hesitation to arrange interviews on one-to-one basis to make sure employers are hiring you rapidly. You are advised to read the non-refund policy carefully before engaging this program.


You are eligible for the JSB if you meet the following basic criteria:


20 to 43 years old


When applying for a Canadian or New Zealand Work Permit (WP), English score is not mandatory. However, you must have at least an IELTS score of 3 - 5 for Trades, IELTS 5 – 7 for Skilled professional occupation, or equal to other English exam scores is advantageous and recommended. Please note that PTE or CELPIP is easier to score than IELTS. 

For an Australian Work Permit (WP), you must take a standardized English exam such as IELTS min 5 band, PTE min 36 or exempted to have 5 years of continuous English medium education and mandatory skill assessment or skilled license depending on the occupation you are applying for.


After landing under WP, the English requirement based on the PR program applying usually requires a lower IELTS compared to direct PR based on regular point-based system.


A minimum formal educational qualification of High School graduation is mandatory for Skilled or Semi-skilled trade workers. We strongly recommend converting your experiences under prior learning program to Skilled Trade Certification such as Australian Certificate III, Red Seal exam, or Qualification of Certificate or get your local certifications such as BCA, NTUC, ITE certification related to your trade. 

Professionals must show that they have the necessary educational qualifications for the job they are seeking for.


1. Job Search Training, Free Job offer and Employer Sponsorship from Employer:
Jon Search Training fee of $2500 is non-refundable for any reason once started.

2. Documents preparation for Work Permit (WP) and Permanent Resident (PR):
Resume development, Skills assessment certification, Education assessment certification, Skilled Trade Certification such as Red Seal for Canada or Certificate 3 for Australia if any, License support for the occupation if any such as Nursing, Car driving and Machine operating, Safety certification Support for 2 years (Converting your existing education, certifications, and licenses to overseas)

3. Training Services until Work Permit (WP) Visa Stage:
Interview training, Resume development training, Basic English Training, Unlimited English training such as IELTS, PTE or CELPIP or all 3-test preparation which ever clients wish to study for 12 months

4. Training Services until Permanent Resident (PR) Visa Stage:
Unlimited English practices such as IELTS, PTE or CELPIP or all 3-test preparation which ever clients wish to study for 12 months

5. Work Permit (WP) Visa application
6. Permanent Resident (PR) Visa application fee for a family


No Services Charges Duration



Job Search, Membership, and Agreement


Membership fees of $2500






Half payment of WP stage


Half payment of WP stage


3 - 4 months after job offer




Work Permit approval


Full payment until WP


3 - 6 Months




Permanent Resident Application


Remaining payment of PR stage


2 - 4 Years