Marble Cutter

Job Title: Marble Cutter
NOC: 94103

High school level (Secondary school)
Any Diploma, degree or Trade certificates are added advantages.

Min 5 years of experience

CAD $55,000 – $65,000 per year ($26.50 per hour)

Transitional Work Permit to Permanent Resident VISA

50% and above Average

10 Positions Available


• Operate blade or wire saws to cut blocks of stone to specified dimensions
• Operate machines to grind and polish surfaces of stone blocks, slabs or other stone products to specific shape or design and to produce smooth finish
• Operate sandblasting equipment to cut inscriptions or decorative designs in stone monuments
• Finish stone products with spray paint and by mounting plaques or installing concrete bases
• Operate stone-dressing lathe to sharpen and dress grindstones that grind logs into pulp
• Operate machine to drill holes in blocks or slabs of stone according to specifications.


• Good verbal and written communication skills
• High school level (Secondary school) is mandatory and any diploma, degree, or trade certificates are advantages

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