Job Title: Pipefitter

High school level (Secondary school)
Any Diploma, degree or Trade certificates are added advantages.

Min 5 years of experience

CAD $55,000 – $65,000 per year ($26.45 per hour)

Transitional Work Permit to Permanent Resident VISA

50% and above Average

10 Positions Available


• Load and unload materials and move materials to work areas.
• Cut openings for pipe walls, floors and ceilings using tools such as pipe cutter, hammer and pipe cutting machine.
• Assist pipefitters in cutting, threading, and bending pipes as per the requirement.
• Assist in brazing, soldering and threading joints to join pipes.
• Secure pipes to structure with brackets and clamps
• Remove and replace defective components.
• Assist in installing valves and control systems.
• Test pipe system for leaks
• Assist in connecting piping systems to water main, supply tanks, pumps, compressors and control equipment.
• Clean up materials.
• Oil and grease hoists and similar equipment
• Perform and other necessary activities at work sites as directed.

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