Skilled Technician Program with All Possible Options (APO)


Program Overview

This program is largely beneficial for Technicians, Supervisors, Engineers, leaders and Managers possessing prior or current experience as a Skilled Technician. These aspects can lead you through successful and easier pathway for all visa approvals in the future.  You can opt for Canada under Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) where the world’s lowest CRS score is 200+ points or for Australia with GSM 65 points now. Our array of programs can help you to get Permanent Resident either direct or through exam or work permit or study permit in the near future.



You can choose among the most suitable Programs below:

  • Direct Permanent Residency (PR) Program with IELTS 6 & above.

  • Red Seal Exam & Permanent Residency (PR) Program with IELTS 5 & above.

  • Employer Sponsor Program (Work Permit & Permanent Residency (PR) in future) with IELTS 5 & above.

  • Student Visa Program (Study, Work & Permanent Residency (PR) in future) with IELTS 5.5 & above.


Most people are not aware of how to choose the right and easier pathway to ensure success. We provide committed services throughout all your stages, starting right from your English Language Training (IELTS or PTE), and Skills exam or Work / Study Permit to PR with or without job option under the special membership program to achieve your goal.


Eligibility :

  1. You should be a Technician, Supervisor, Engineer, leader or Manager and experienced as a Skilled Technician either currently or previously.
  2. You should score a Minimum of 5 in IELTS
  3. Minimum education of High School level is necessary, however relevant education will be added advantage


If you are interested, we can always assist you with the right expertise Advice to reach your Dream Destination. All you need is to get a Free Expert Advice to have a thorough assessment & choose the right pathway! Contact our Consultants today to fix an Appointment.